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Posted by Kevin Flint on Mar 20, 2017

You guys out there: I often wonder if I just go a little over the top with my various writings for this blog? Over the last few months in writing I was hoping that it would stimulate further debate and discussion about climbing, running, cycling and other everyday activities in ways that open each of such practices to new challenges. Indeed! These debates have moved in ways that sometimes have unintentional consequences!

Who noticed the White Horse!

So, in looking back at my blogs, can you see anything else in the imagery that they variously create? I'd love to hear more from you. The above image presented was intended for use in a tutorial on sailing, but the debate it opened up was around the white horse. Any one know where this is?

My intention in setting up this blog had been to open people to different possible ways of looking at their own or others' everyday activities, and so to create an on-going conversation. Perhaps I need to get out more! Where do you fancy meeting?

Any thoughts on the location of this cafe!

Today's subject is the introduction of a beginner into climbing. My friend, Mary, has recently joined me at a couple of climbing walls, one here in Sheffield, where she's got really excited about the possibility of climbing.

It turns out that her experiences at the wall connected her back to her earlier days as a young girl where she always wanted to have a go at climbing. But, somehow the opportunity never arose. What initial questions, thoughts, feelings come to you in beginning to see something about my friend's first experience of climbing?

In my own earlier days as a young man I had undertaken doctoral research in Chemistry after first graduating in 1975 in Manchester, and following two years of the PhD I began to realise that working as a research chemist was not ever going to work for me. In the heat of the moment at one meeting with my professor I simply announced that I was leaving! The following two years were taken up mountaineering and rock-climbing. This experience, which radically transformed my own identity, begun to cultivate my own interest in philosophy and its relationship with us as human beings, rather than philosophy as another specialised discourse.

My interest in writing this blog is to make connections with and through the many differences that emerge in our various everyday things we do drawing from philosophy, aesthetics, poetry and other forms of language.

What everyday events have taken your own lives into uncharted and unplanned waters?