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What's philosophy got to do with running, climbing...?

Posted by Kevin Flint on Jan 09, 2017

Why not try downloading the free App for QR Reader to your phone and then scan this image using your phone. What happens!

With all this technology available, as someone involved in running, climbing, cycling and other activities I keep wondering to what extent we're in control of such technology or is there always a possible danger that technology has come to control us? Orwell revisited!

On completing a run, for example, my friend, Martin, looks to his 'App' for the time taken and the distance we have travelled. On reflection we could begin by considering that technology has a means to an end structure. The App, in this case providing a means of giving us some data about our run. But, again, Martin illustrates that as a technology the App is more than a mere means to an end structure of the world of the run. He takes time to play and name each of the routes. Over Christmas one of his runs was called 'Frosty the slowman'. Last Saturday in running from Hunter's Bar up to Porter Clough and back he added 'Sweaty McRedface' and another of his recent additions includes 'Guided by Venus'. Read into these names what you will!

Can we get beyond Orwell? Where is technology taking us? How much does it engage us?

Any thoughts on this one?

Look forward to hearing from you,